At Fiege electronics we are creating Standard FB's (Function Blocks) for SIEMENS PLC's.
Below You will find some of our Standard FB's which are made but not limited for the Drilling Industry.

STAD - Self Tuning Auto Driller
STAD is an Auto Driller which adapts Formation changes and calibrate itself to the new Situation. The Self Tuning will take max. 10 seconds. After the tuning is done the Auto Driller is back to a smooth Operation.

MPSYNC - Mud Pump Synchronization
Differential drilling is very bouncy if the Mud Pumps are not synchronized.
MPSYNC is made to synchronize up to 3 Mud Pumps if they are equipped with stroke counters. MPSYNC will reduce the jumps in the Stand Pipe Pressure to less than 30PSI.

LIPU - Line Pull Calculation
LIPU will calculate the actual Line Pull per revolution on Draw Works. Therefore LIPU only needs the correct measurements of the Draw Work Drum. The Error of the Calculation is less than 2%.

BLHC - Block Height Calculation
BLHC is a Function Block to calculate the Block Height/Hook Height of Cranes and Rigs.
Therefore BLHC is using LIPU to calculate the Height so precise as possible. The Error of the calculation is less than 2%.

VENC - Virtual Encoder
We all know the issues with Encoders on Top Drives. VFD's from today are capable to Torque very precise also without Encoder. So in this case the Encoder would only be necessary for "Rocking while Drilling" or "Directional Drilling Controls". VENC can be used to do the positioning of the Top Drive for these Applications. The Error in the positioning is less than 3%.


DCMS - Drilling Control and Monitoring System

 - DCMS is based on SIEMENS STEP 7 and WinCC Flexible


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